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Behold the latest iPhone’s photographic ability

by on08 February 2016

In the hands of a master

Everyone knows that the iPhone takes superior pictures even to every other mobile phone out there even when an idiot is behind the lens because the Tame Apple Press tells us. So what happens when the Superbowl is recorded on an iPhone by Apple’s supremo – Tim Cook.

Cook is obviously proud of his snap (pictured) because he put it on twitter . Given the fact that the iPhone is supposed to come with things like autofocus and post production software one would think you could come up with something a little less... well Late Claude Monet after he had drank a little too much of his famous Framboise Liqueur.

Cook’s snap is apparently from the 20-yard line of Levi's Stadium of course we will have to take his word for it. The Apple CEO and football fan had tweeted in praise of the Denver Broncos who apparently are an American football team so that helps us narrow down the event.  (For European readers American football is when a bunch over over paid American sports people frightened of being hurt strap on a ton of armour to play a game of rugby.)

The Tame Apple Press did its best to spin Cook out of trouble. The Verge moaned that one “smart-ass even tweeted at Cook in Portuguese, like he's got time to learn that right now.”  He would be better off learning Portuguese than running Apple at the moment.

It is odd really because in Apple advertising it all looks so simple:

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