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Tesla updates Model S with Autopilot

by on15 October 2015

Over the Air option

Tesla has just released an update for its Model S car that brings the auto pilot to the cars manufactured after August .

According to the BBC the cars will get this option. Many expect that the Model X super expensive and fast SUV will get the auto pilot too. Elon Musk said several timea in the press event that you will still need your hands on the steering wheel. The card will be turning the steering wheel for you but you should be ready to take the control at any time.

Autopilot combines the date from sensors, radar, camera as well as mapping to assist your driving.

This reminds us of cruise control.  It presses the gas pedal for you but you can always take over and increase or decrease the speed. This is not an autonomous self driving car that many dream off.

This technology should take time to mature and should happen by 2020.

Tesla's Autopilot option should help you while driving but at all times you should be cautious. If you have an accident it will always be your fault not the cars' or Teslas'. .

Elon Musk the CEO of Tesla Said

"If there's heavy snow it's going to be harder for the system to work, so we'd advise caution.


"Essentially it's like a person - how well can a person figure out what route they should take. Over time it will be better than a person. Long term it will be way better than a person. It never gets tired,


it's never had anything to drink, it's never arguing with someone in the car. It's not distracted."


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