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Apple discriminates against Australians

by on14 October 2015

Aparthied behind the Walled Garden 

Fruity cargo cult Apple has decided to punish Australians for refusing to pay over the odds for its hardware and set up a sort of aparthied behind its walled garden for those who come from a land down under.

When we say over the odds, we mean the same price that the rest of the world pays. Apple had developed a habit of charging Australians even huger mark ups than normal and was subjected to a Aussie government inquiry telling them to stop it.

Now it seems that Apple has decided that any Australian that is too stupid to get the hint that it hates them is going to have to pay more for software.

App store fees in Oz will now be 50 per cent more than what Americans pay. So software that costs a dollar in the US will cost Australians $1.49. Even allowing for currency differences that is still 30 per cent more than what Americans have to pay.

Jobs' Mob claimed that the reason its hardware was more expensive in Australia was because it cost more to ship down under, but it can't really make that claim about apps which should logically cost the same everywhere in the world.

Apple does not seem to really care that its loyal Aussie fanbase might actually wake up and realise that the outfit is basically screwing them for every penny they have. It assumes that they will pay the Australian tax anyway – presumably because they have been so loyal in the past.

In the good old days, before Apple lowered the standards of the world, people used to boycott companies that treated their customers this badly. Now it seems they just pay up.

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