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Telcos sell Apple watch on Friday

by on21 September 2015

In Europe and in US

T-mobile in the US has announced that the company will start selling the Apple watch on Friday but it turns out that a few European Telecoms will start get it too. . 

Both T-Mobile and Sprint are expected to start selling Apple watch on Friday.  It is unclear if they will be subsidised. 

A few European Telecos in Austria and Germany including Austria's 3, and T-Mobile in both Austria and Germany and they will start selling the watch soon. The watch will officially launches in Austria, Denmark and Ireland on Friday.

Tere is still no news on when the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S plus will start selling in Austria and in countries others than those Apple mentioned at their press event.

For Apple, the watch can be "really cheap" although for what you get we are not sure that Apple's concept of really cheap fits with the rest of the worlds. Austrians can expect to spend €399 to €449 for the "cheap" Apple Watch Sport, between €649 to €1,249 for the Apple Watch and "so crazy if you buy this version you need to be sectioned"  €11,000 to €18,000 for the flagship Apple Watch Edition.

We will see if this new business model yields better sales than last year. The strategy was tried by a few European telecoms with the Samsung Galaxy phones and watches but it didn’t yield any spectacular results. It did help boost the watch sales as the bundle deal was cheaper than buying the two devices separately.

We will see if Apple can do any better with its super overpriced watches but we are not holding our breath.. 

Last modified on 21 September 2015
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