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Brazilian and Indian Zenphone will be made by Foxconn

by on09 September 2015

Arima for Indonesia

Asustek has named the manufacturers who will be behind its next Zenphone.

Foxconn who will make its ZenFone smartphones for the Brazilian and Indian markets will join the usual suspects, Pegatron and Quanta Computer. Arima will make the phones for the Indonesian market.

Asustek shipped 8.5 million ZenFone smartphones in 2014 and aims to ship 21 million units in 2015, the sources said. Asustek aims to ship 40 million units next year.

To do that the phone has to get into some tricky markets. Brazil has some protective customs tariffs on imported consumer electronics, but Foxconn's factories there will make ZenFone devices specifically for local sale. Asustek wants to ship a million

ZenFone smartphones in 2015 just for Brazil and three million in 2016.

ZenFone smartphones for the India market are made in India and China currently, with India-made models equipped with Qualcomm processors and China-made ones with Intel's, the sources said.

Asustek will have Foxconn produce ZenFone equipped with MediaTek processors for sale in India. Asustek wants to ship three million ZenFone smartphones to India in 2015 and four million in 2016, with production in India to account for more than half in 2015 and over 70 per cent in 2016.

For the Indonesia market, Asustek expects to ship at least 3.5 million ZenFones in 2015, most of them to be produced by local ODMs.

Arima has built a factory in Indonesia and Asustek will have Arima produce most of the ZenFones for the Indonesia market in 2016.

Asustek has also cooperated with Indonesia-based mobile telecom carriers to set up a smartphone plant in Indonesia with initial monthly production capacity of 300,000 units, and the plant will start production in January 2016.

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