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Samsung wants a bendy flip phone

by on03 August 2015

Copying Apple twice over

Apple might have invented a phone which bends, but Samsung wants to go one better. 

According to Techinside  Samsung wants to invent a clamshell phone that folds over just like an iPhone.

A Patent published by the US Patent and Trademark Office it's possible Samsung plans to release a smart flip phone.

screen20shot202015 07 3120at2010.36.3720amSamsung is experimenting with a super flexible phone that looks straight and sturdy at first, but can be bent inward like a typical clamshell phone, and also bent outward quite a bit.

This would mean that it could be folded over and fitted into your pocket.

Samsung claims to have overcome the problem with the screen being damaged by too much folding.

Samsung's patent also describes how the phone could keep track of how long it's been in the folded and unfolded states, so as to alert the user of any strain that needs to be relieved. This could help extend the lifetime of the phone and its display.

There are huge advantages if Samsung pulls it off. It would take up less room in your pocket and the screen would not be exposed to damage.

Of course there is no hint of an announcement attached to this. But it has a patent now, so Apple is unlikely to take the idea.

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