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One Plus two invitation farce continues

by on28 July 2015

We are so cool you cannot buy us

The One Plus the company behind One Plus One phone managed to get a lot of attention with its One Plus One phone.

Now they just launched a second phone called simply One Plus two. They offered quite high end specification for significantly less money than competition like Samsung, HTC or LG.

The One Plus two has the Snapdragon 810, 1920x1080 screen at its 5.5 inch size. It comes with either 16GB storage and 3GB or RAM or 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. It has 13 megapixel rear and five megapixel front camera. The 16GB version will sell for $329 while the 64GB version will go for $389.

What is special about this phone is that you cannot just buy it. You have to be invited to buy it. This is a well known marketing trick used for many decades and the end effect is that you want the phone even more.

You get the feeling the deal is better than it is and that you are getting some exclusive premium product. The phone specification is not bad, but it is not as good as the press attention it gets.

There are so many good phones that are coming from China, but not everyone knows how to do such great marketing. Xiaomi or Meizu will offer a better phone for similar money, but since these brands are not as well known in Europe or America, they don't get a lot of sales.

More than 300.000 people have pre-ordered phone. The price is good but most of you won't buy it easily and when you do, some won't like the Oxygen custom software for Cyanogen operating system (which is based on Android 5.1). Marketing wise, One Plus gets a lot of attention for little cash.

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