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HTC scores own goal

by on08 June 2015

Gold always believe in your soul

The Tame Apple Press is mocking a PR own goal commented by HTC during the launch of its football themed gold smartphone.

HTC has revealed a 24 carat gold version of their 2015 flagship HTC One M9. to celebrate the end of the UEFA Champions League and the finals.

It is decked out in gold plating from top to bottom, and the back will be etched with commemorative logos, dates, venues and finals participants and thus be completely dull and uninteresting to those who actually have a life.

It was however very pretty and someone at HTC was moved to snap a picture of it for their Twitter campaign. However sharp eyed Apple fanboys notice that the shiny phone reflected everything back at it including what the PR person used to take the picture.

As you can see the poor PR/Marketing person has an iPhone.

The picture was swiftly taken down from Twitter, but not before the Tame Apple Press could mock it. The implication is that HTC staff would not touch their own company's product.

The only thing the leaked picture says to us is that PR/Marketing people aren't the brightest people in a company and have a tendency to fall for marketing. After if it were a choice between HTC and Apple flagship who would opt for an iPhone?

To be fair, if it came to a choice between shattering any sense of technological, or intellectual credibly and heling to lower the standards of the world  by owning an iPhone and getting root canal work I would pop to the dentist straight away.

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