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Duracell announces pointless wireless charging solution

by on15 April 2015

Daft ideas of our time

Duracell bunnies have been slaving away on a new wireless charging solution, but in case you think it’s clever – think again. 

The company’s new Powermat is basically a PMA-3 charger, which ships with a micro USB receiver in the form of a ring. This means it can wirelessly charge just about any mobile device, uhm, provided you plug it in.

Technically, it’s still wireless, but you obviously can’t use it as a traditional wireless charger. In terms of convenience it’s more like a wired charger, or compact powerbank. Maybe even worse, because every time you plug it in, you are bound to start questioning your life choices.

Still, if you like pointless gadgets, and you’re not an Apple fan (these categories may or may not be mutually exclusive), you can get the Duracell Powermat for $54. We just don’t see why anyone should.

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