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Galaxy S6 users complain of display problems

by on02 April 2015

Pixels last as long as Game of Thrones extra

T-Mobile subscribers on xda-developers forums have been moaning that the Galaxy S6 edge units they received had display problems.

Specifically some screens arrived scratched while one had a dead pixel on it. One customer who received a replacement unit also had the display scratched right out of the box.

The only reason we are suspicious about this story was that the user who complained said he would be sticking to his "iPhone 6 until Samsung gets their act together, I don't want to throw Samsung under the bus for a flagship phone, and these issues should be non-existent."

"My advice to anyone that has ordered a S6 edge, is to check your screen for any dead pixels, and to check your phone's screen under direct sunlight and see if you find any scratches."

Others who have seen the photos of the scratches were unable to see anything. While it is possible, at this stage of a Samsung launch you could expect to see some disinformation from the Apple camp.

A curious number of people on the thread appear to have "message sent on my iPhone."

Only one person reported a dead pixel and it looks like screen flash to us and we cant really see his scratches either.

dead pixel

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