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Apple rushes to abandon the Apple 5C

by on27 November 2014

Will kill it off next year

Apple is likely to kill off the iPhone 5C before it reaches its second birthday. This is unusual in Appleland as the outfit generally keeps older phones in circulation, but the 5C has been a disaster from start to finish.

Originally designed to attract those in China who wanted a cheaper version of the iPhone, the 5C was not cheap enough to enter the market. It was also not that much cheaper than the real iPhone and yet came with significantly less features. It lacked Touch ID fingerprint recognition system, A7 processor, and slo-mo video capabilities.

It was ignored in China and the rest of the world leaving Apple with the embarrassment of having some left on the shelves. Even the tame Apple Press admits that the iPhone 5C reportedly failed to meet expectations with most buyers opting to go for the iPhone 5S instead.

Of course, Apple could have lowered the price to something more reasonable and on a par with what was being offered in the rest of the industry for that sort of thing, but reasonable and sensible is not in Apple’s dictionary of business terms. The only person that ever dropped the price was Steve Jobs and he is now dead, and no one dares to lower anything – well other than standards.

Taiwan's Industrial and Commercial Times, at least, which states that Apple will cease iPhone 5C production in the middle of 2015.

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