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Apple Watch for 83,000 euros

by on07 October 2014

For the fanboy who has even less sense

When Apple’s iWatch came out, Swiss Watch makers described it as cheap and looking like it was designed by a first year student.

Now watch designer Yvan Arpa has taken the watch and pimped it up with a gold case and diamonds to increase the value of the thing to 83,000 euros. It is still the same watch internally and does the same things that every other iWatch does it just has shedloads of bling.

The iWatch is vapourware and is not predicted to be on the market until the first quarter of 2015. Yvan Arpa has designed it and is waiting for the first order. It would probably be better to buy a chocolate teapot, after all if the iWatch is ever released no one is ever going to be impressed by it – either with bling or without.

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