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Biden refuses to step in and save Apple

by on22 February 2023

Obama obeyed, therefore Biden must

President Biden has upheld an International Trade Commission ruling that could result in a potential import ban on the Apple Watch over its EKG feature.

Apple insisted that it had invented EKG technology that medical device maker AliveCor just happened to have patents on. The ITC however said that Apple did not invent the tech and appeared to have based it on AliveCor’s wearable EKG tech. 

In the ruling, the ITC recommended a limited exclusion order and a cease-and-desist order for Apple Watch models with EKG features. If enforced, that would mean that Apple would no longer be able to import Apple Watch with EKG capabilities into the US for sale.

Apple appealed to the White House because when it had been caught out using Samsung tech on iPhones and iPads, President Obama vetoed a similar import ban. This was unusual as presidents don't usually get involved in this sort of thing. It’s possible that Apple was hoping for history to repeat itself, as it reportedly ramped up "lobbying" last week ahead of Biden’s decision.

According to Apple spokesperson Hannah Smith, the company will appeal the ITC’s decision to the Federal Circuit and the Tame Apple Press is whinging about how not allowing Jobs' Mob to steal other people's tech is a bad thing.

"It would also potentially set a legal precedent with wide-reaching implications for how wearable makers approach future health tech features, including blood pressure and blood glucose monitoring. These kinds of features are already time and resource intensive to develop due to FDA clearance procedures. Adding licensing and patent battles to the mix would add another layer of complexity, " one Apple fanboy moaned. "It is, however, something to keep in mind the next time a wearable health feature isn’t quite as impressive as the rumours."

The logic being is that if future Apple products turn out to be rubbish is because those evil companies forced it to obey the law and get off their arse and invent something rather than just stealing it.


Last modified on 22 February 2023
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