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Meet Android Wear, Google's wearable push

by on19 March 2014

Smart watches lead the way

Google has launched an Android-based platform for wearables, dubbed Android Wear. It works with Android's notification system and it is already available for developers. The first devices based on this lean platform should appear in a couple of months.

Google's wearable push was an open secret for months. Hardware partners have already leaked a few hints and Google has talked wearable SDKs in the past.

Although the official name is Android Wear, the OS itself is not exactly Android, but it is specifically designed to integrate with Android's notification system. Sarcastic hacks could say it will allow spam notifications to appear on your wrist, but it's a bit more than that.

It can also work with Google Now and it supports "OK Google" functionality, which we've had for months, but we couldn't be bothered trying it out.

More importantly, Android Wear devices can act as a second screen, which is good news for fitness buffs. Cycling or jogging require a good soundtrack and controlling your phone without having to take it out of your pocket sounds like a good idea. Fitness trackers should be a big thing, too.

Now that we have Android Wear, we just need some proper "hard-wear" or at least proper wearable hardware. A number of companies are already working on Google friendly wearables and the list includes big names such as Qualcomm, MediaTek, Intel, Motorola, Samsung and LG.

Motorola's first device is the Moto 360, while LG has the G Watch, but more announcements are on the way.

MotoX 360 Finals-6

Details are still sketchy, but we must admit the Moto looks a bit better than the LG. The glass of scotch helps, too. Pretty soon we'll be able to drunk-text without even having to put the glass down, then call in sick the next morning without having to leave the bed.

lg g watch android wear smartwatch official teaser

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