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Samsung Galaxy S5 has Lucid Xtend

by on26 February 2014

Gaming, battery optimizations

Galaxy S5 will get Lucid NavExtend, WebExtend and GamExtend technologies at launch. We are short on details, but we were told by Lucid that the new phone will get these Xtend features out of the box. Samsung has obviously recognized the importance of the battery saving technologies and according to demos that we witnessed Lucid products can result with some serious savings in gaming, web browning, video viewing as well as navigation.

They cover a lot of everyday use, we wonder if they can optimize Facebook too as that is what most people are doing these days walking down the streets or sitting in public transportation. (Facebooking until they get run over by said transportation. Ed)
Samsung’s flagship phone comes with an updated Snapdragon 801 processor that works at a slightly higher clock, with significantly faster GPU and bigger battery, but in order to save much of the battery life, it is even ready to go black and white for you. Samsung will use its octa chip too in some markets and we won’t hold it against them.

Battery power is one of the key problems of the modern high-end phones and most of you are lucky if we get through the day on a single charge. Thank ARM and Steve Jobs for that, and long live the big screens in pointless resolutions. Today it’s considered a great achievement if you get through the day with a single charge on your 4.5-inch “mini phone” – a few years ago you could charge feature phones once or twice a week.

Lucid has recognized the benefits and it is enjoying its design wins. We don’t know the nature of Lucid’s deal with Samsung, but if possible we could see these optimizations getting accepted by other vendors too.


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