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Apple fixes hole in iOS

by on27 September 2013

iPhone 5S safe for now

Apple has fixed a bug that lets you dig into the camera and photos of a locked iPhone, and even send stuff to the owner's email and social accounts.

Jobs’ Mob fixed the problem somewhat sharpish. Last week said it was working on a fix, say when it would arrive. It must have been serious as Apple normally takes weeks to get such things fixed. Along with the security fix, the update brings back the capability to use a Greek keyboard when typing in passcodes, something that was apparently missing in the early release.

Lock screens offer the primary means of defence against unwanted use of mobile devices. When introducing the iPhone 5S earlier this month, Apple claimed that only about half of smartphone users actually had passcode security enabled. Of course it was saying that before debuting Touch ID, a new fingerprint scanning technology that's baked into the iPhone 5S and can unlock a phone without users having to enter in their passcode.

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