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Samsung Galaxy S4 scores easy repairability title

by on11 April 2013

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Plastic body is good for something after all

Samsung's new flagship Galaxy S4 has yet to actually show up on retail/e-tail shelves around the world and while HTC One was an utter nightmare to disassemble and repair due to its aluminum unibody design, the Samsung Galaxy S4 might have an upper hand as it got a really high repairability score, most likely due to its plastic body.

Unfortunately, the teardown does not come from iFixit as then we would probably have a full comparison against the HTC One, but rather from Techno Buffalo, who managed to get their hands on it and do quick teardown. According to their report, the new Galaxy S4 is surprisingly easy to fix and while you can access battery, microSIM, microSD card slots you also can get to the rest of other components by simply unscrewing 9 screws that separate the front side from the back.

Of course, Techno Buffalo notes that the biggest and most expensive part of the repair would be the Gorilla Glass screen but the rest of the device should be easily repairable.

You can check out the full tear down video here. (via

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