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Apple tells moaning iPhone 5 users to sod off

by on26 September 2012


They are supposed to be scratched

Apple fanboys who were early adopters of the iPhone 5 are fast finding out that maps don't work, but the design seems to be shoddy as well. Apple stores are starting to get complaints that the shiny toys are fast becoming scratched and scuffed and in the few days since they were sold are starting to look rubbish.

However according to an email to a 9to5Mac reader by Senior Vice President of Marketing Phil Schiller, Apple had no intention of fixing the problem. He said that any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver colour.

That is normal, he said. In otherwords fanboys are idiots for buying phones made of the stuff it is not Apple's fault they did not think the shiny metal body thing through.

Apparently the black iPhone 5?s back tends to scratch much easier than its glass-backed iPhone 4/4S predecessors. However, the aluminum back obviously stands up to drops much better than glass.

Apple thinks that scratches are less important than actually breaking, which is a good point. Anyway the phones are designed to be obsolete in a year so how scratched can you get a phone in a year?

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