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Samsung takes the Michael out of Apple

by on20 September 2012

Why are you queuing fanboys

Samsung is having a lot of fun at Apple's expense. For a while now it has been running adverts which take the mickey out of Apple fanboys who slavishly buy what ever Apple tells them.

This time it has run a series of adverts which show Apple fans queuing for what they have been told is the latest technology. The only problem, as the adverts point out, is that there is little in the new Apple 5 which has not been on Samsung, or Android phones for months or years.

The Samsung III has a bigger screen, and also runs LTE which appears to be Jobs' Mob's thunder well and truly taken. That means that people are queuing outside Apple stores waiting for a product whose spec is already outclassed by rivals.

Samsung als took a shot at the iPhone 5 this weekend, running full-page ads in newspapers saying "it doesn't take a genius ..." It listed features of the iPhone 5 and the Galaxy S III, with the Samsung phone's list nearly twice as long. The ad concludes: "The next big thing is already here."

You can check out the cheeky ad after the break.

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