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Android developer fights pirates with free software

by on24 July 2012

70 illegal installs to one good one

Madfinger Games has joined the long list of developers who have recently turned their paid Android based game, Dead Trigger, to a free one.

The first person shooter game only cost $0.99 on Play Store is now available for free because the company is finding it can't compete with pirates. On its Facebook page, Madfinger Games said that the piracy rate on Android devices was unbelievably high. 

At the moment there are no in-app purchase requirements and the game is completely free-to-play unlike other games.  It is not clear how Madfinger will make any money back on its free games. Security experts claim that the amount of pirated games on Android  are huge.  Some think that for every 70 illegal installs there is one real one.

Google is bringing in improvements in Android Jelly Bean which allows for app encryption which it hopes will deal with the problem.

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