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Samsung kicks Blackberry in the securities

by on19 June 2012

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It no longer is the fruit of choice

For years RIM has flogged its Blackberry's to business on the basis that it was more secure because it went across an encrypted network. Now it looks like the Galaxy S IIIs will sport the company's SAFE (Samsung Approved For Enterprise) branding in an attempt to ingratiate their shiny new Android handset with business types and IT admins.

The enterprise-friendly versions of the toys will find their way to all five of the carriers that will sell the Galaxy S III in the US.  There is no word if they will be seen in the EU yet.

The AES-256 encryption, Exchange ActiveSync, VPN capabilities, and "support for 338 IT policies" should make the phones more useful for enterprises. This is the last refuge point for the troubled RIM.

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