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Tegra 3 slower than iPad 2 A5 GPU

by on21 November 2011


GLBenchmark iOS optimized sources claim

 Our German colleagues at have found out that some lucky chap from Lenovo with his Tegra 3 based tablet already submitted some Glbenchmark scores.

The benchmarks are derived from Lenovo LePad K2 pre production tablet powered by Android 3.2, 1920x1200 screen. The GLBenchmark 2.1 runs at 1280x800 resolution.

In Egypt Offscreen 720P test, Tegra 3 scores 63.1 FPS, Tegra 2 scores 24.1 FPS and iPad 2 with A5 and SGX 543 MP2 GPU scores 88.8 FPS. Even iPhone 4S with slower version of the chip scores 73.1FPS.

In PRO Offscreen 720 part of the test, Tegra 3 scores 82.6 FPS, Tegra 2 scores 42.4 FPS and iPad 2 with A5 and SGX 543 MP2 GPU scores 150.1 FPS. The iPhone 4S with slower version of A5 dual core chip scores 122.7FPS.

Our sources have said that GLBenchmark is heavily iOS optimised and that Tegra 3 final hardware should be close or slightly better than SGX 543 MP2, not losing by that much.

All in all, Tegra 3 should at least win some, and lose some against SGX 543 MP2 and iPad 2 / iPhone 4S chips, and not lose by such a high margin. We guess we should wait and see as Transformer Prime benchmarks should go live in the next two weeks, if not earlier.

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