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Samsung moves to ban iPhone 4S sales in France, Italy

by on05 October 2011

It would spare Apple the embarrassment
Samsung announced Wednesday it would take action to try to stop Apple from selling the iPhone 4S in France and Italy.

Samsung is already engaged in a prolonged tit for tat legal battle with Apple, over patent infringement in both companies’ smarpthones and tablets. Speaking of tits, Apple fanboys in France and Italy could find themselves without a new shiny toy in mid October, but Samsung is reportedly also planning to seek injunctions in other European countries as well.

Apple has yet to comment the request, but Samsung believes it has a strong case, as the iPhone 4S uses some of its 3G patents. Samsung describes the infringements as too severe to let Apple sell the new iPhone in Europe. With competition between in the smartphone market heating up and both companies acting like patent trolls, the legal dispute seems destined to escalate.
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