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Apple Siri hacked

by on15 November 2011

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Can operate on others' phones

 Apple's only reason for buying the iPhone 4S, the voice activated search machine Siri, has been hacked and now can run on any phone. Siri, which means arse in Japanese, has been the talking point of the iPhone 4S, which otherwise is an iPhone 4 with a slightly better chip.

Siri works by sending data to a remote server (that’s probably why Siri only works over 3G or WiFi) so it should be quite hard to take out. However crackers at Applidium, seem to have managed it. As a result, you can use Siri’s recognition engine from any device and an Android Ap could be developed that uses the real Siri!

What they appear to have done is setup a custom SSL certification authority, add it to our iPhone 4S, and use it to sign our a certificate for a fake “”. The result was that Siri was sending commands to your own HTTPS sever. “Seems like someone at Apple missed something. Siri’s protocol is opaque,” they wrote.

They think that eventually Apple will close down the application. After all it is only a beta of the software and, as yet only working properly in the US. Our guess is once the Euro hackers get their paws on Siri it will be swiftly copied, stored on a server in Russia where it will he hit buy countless Android Apps.

Last modified on 15 November 2011
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