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Screen problem could delay iPhone 5

by on26 September 2011

Our sources seem to think this is the case
Rumors of a potential manufacturing defect with the screen of the new iPhone 5 might actually delay its launch, or so our sources confirm what many others have been saying. The media show for the iPhone 5 has been rumored to be October 4th, with Apple to actually release the units toward the end of the month; but now Apple may be considering another plan.

The problem centers on issues with the touchscreen glass that is being affected by what is described as a “delayed bubble”; apparently this is a difficult problem to look for until the touch screen glass has already been through multiple steps and is late into the assembly process.

While it is unknown how long this delay might be or how many phones might be exhibiting this issue, at least according to a number of reports, both of the companies making the touchscreens for Apple say they will meet their commitment on time. Still, whispers are that with the number of defects due to the “delayed bubble” problem it surely seems that Apple will not be able to get their target number of units built.

Stay tuned, as we don’t think we have heard the end of this issue and what Apple’s plan is going to be surrounding it.

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