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Steve Jobs seen in China

by on19 August 2011

Mass conversions expected
The Messiah of the Apple Cargo cult, Steve Jobs has apparently been seen in by the faithful in China and appears ready to extend his new consumer religion there. Jobs has been in meetings with China Mobile with the hope of boosting sales of his holy toys in a country that cannot afford them.

One of the problems that Steve has is that China Mobile operates a proprietary TD-SCDMA network. This was forced on the company by the Chinese government which wants to spy on users. Apple has been unwilling to accommodate the standard with modified iPhone hardware.

Word on the street is that Apple is thinking of modifying its policy in the hope of getting Chinese converts. It seems that the next iPhone will be TD-LTE compliant. This is the next standard and apparently is not as grim as TD-SCDMA.

Reuters is reporting  that executives from China Mobile have met with Jobs a number of times to discuss introducing an iPhone compliant with China Mobile’s network standard.

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