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Apple A6 is next year

by on15 July 2011

Apple A6 is next year

Some 28nm graphics card risk production in very limited numbers is expected in Q3 to Q4, while official introduction will depend on AMD.

Nvidia will most likely launch its 28nm graphics only in 2012, most likely in Q1 2012 if all stays on schedule. We don’t have an exact time frame for AMD, so we can only assume it is similar. These next generation GPUs will be the first 28nm chips to go into production.

According to two independent sources Apple A6, ARM A15 based 28nm core wont debut before 2012. The A5 dual core is going to dominate this year, and this 45nm dual core already lives inside of many iPad 2 devices. It is expected to launch in the iPhone 5 most likely in next six to seven weeks.

The A6, something that can give Nvidia Kal-El Tegra 3 a run for its money, might see the face of the earth in first half of 2012, but this is not entirely clear.

TSMC might be the leader in 28nm transition, and many sources said that going to 28nm was definitely better and easier than going from 65nm to 40nm. In any case, thanks to 28nm chips tablets and phones in 2012 will become quite powerful, putting even more pressure on netbooks, traditional notebooks and even PCs.

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