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OMAP 5 28nm supports Windows 8

by on15 July 2011
Taped out in last days of 2010
OMAP 5 is a Texas Instrument CPU that comes at some point in 2012, most likely the latter half of the year.

This 28nm part was already taped out in very late 2010 and it won’t be long since customers get the sample chips in 28nm. The factory of choice is UMC but Brian Carlson, product manager at Texas Instrument said that they can easily pick another fab if necessary and get more chips if the customers need them.

Brian told Fudzilla that it will probably take a year before we seen retail products based on 28nm OMAP 5 as this is how long the design cycle takes in this phone oriented industry.

Xmas 2012 is already looks promising as Nvidia should have Wayne 28nm ARM A15 part and Qualcomm should also have its 28nm MSM8960 aka. Krait CPU.  Of course, other ARM players will have next generation chips by then, but design details are still sketchy.

Let’s not forget that Windows 8 should come around that time, and that OMAP 5 fully supports Windows as well as Ice Cream Sandwich, and probably the H branded successor.

Texas Instruments comes with 2MB of cache for the two cores, which is twice as much than you see today and it believes that it might have the bandwidth benefit over its competitors. It’s still too early as Nvidia still has to talk about its 28nm parts and we don’t know much about Apple’s A6, either.

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