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Four BlackBerry models are coming

by on12 July 2011


9900/9860/9810/9360 all slated for August/September
As the days pass and we get closer to the end of the summer, things are starting to become a little clearer about RIM’s release plans. RIM is planning the release, of not one, not two, but in fact four phones during the August/September time frame.

It will depend on which carrier you have as to which of these new models you will have the chance to purchase. The new models apparently are the Bold 9900, Torch 2 or 9810, Torch 9860, and the Curve 9360. The 9360 is interesting, as codename “Bellagio,” as it is apparently known, is a model that we know nothing about. The 9360, however, is apparently slated for a very late September release according to the latest intel that we have.

Mobilesyrup claims that Telus will release the 9860/9810/9900 in August, followed by the 9360 in late September. Our other sources claim that some carriers are going to have one or two of these devices, while a few carriers will add all four to their lineup. Still, it seems to need sorting out as to which carriers will get which devices.

Read the tip off about Telus here.

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