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iPhone 4 prototype selling on eBay

by on04 July 2011

Auction mimics Apple’s pricing policies 
Apparently, an iPhone 4 prototype made its way to eBay and has managed to hit quite a hefty price, which we fear will only give Apple’s overlord new pricing ideas.

The device is said to feature a label reading ‘DF1692’ in the lower right corner and another one in the back that says ‘XXGB’. However, it cannot be activated through iTunes and the user didn’t have much luck with AT&T’s SIM card either. The serial number is not recognized by Apple but the SIM tray and IMEI numbers confirm the device is a tester.

We checked on eBay and the last bid stands at $1,700. It is a bit strange seeing the prototype outprice the real deal, but we've grown to expect absurdities from Apple fanboys.

More here.

Last modified on 04 July 2011
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