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Sony boss spilled the beans on iPhone 5

by on04 April 2011

Jobs's mob will be furious
The ultra-secret cargo-cult, Apple will be furious that information related to its iPhone 5 phone was actually leaked to the world by Sony CEO Howard Stringer. Stringer accidently said his outfit will be supplying image sensors for Apple's iPhone 5 during an interview about earthquake damage to 15 of the Sony's factories in Japan.

He said that the sensor, which was going to be made for Apple will be a bit late because of the  quake and tsunami. The only problem was that the tech industry did not know who was making the gear for Apple. The Fruity cargo-cult has non-disclosure agreements which are so tough that it would be impossible for you leak anything for the next trillion years without incuring the wrath of a Job's Mob laywer.

Stringer didn't specifically say that Sony is building an 8-megapixel image sensor that will go into the iPhone 5, however Sony is not manufacturing any image sensors for Apple and the iPhone 5 is the only product available. Apple currently uses OmniVision 5-megapixel image sensors in the iPhone 4. However its 8-megapixel sensor won't be ready for the iPhone 5's rumored US mid-summer launch.

Stringer's inadvertent slip also lends credence to the rumours of a delayed release of the iPhone 5.

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