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iPhone 4 still can't tell the time

by on14 March 2011

Jobs' Mob programming at work
Apple fanboys were coming to work an hour late thanks the programming genius of Jobs' Mob. The fault in the iPhone 4, which meant that it can't make adjustments for summer time, has not been fixed three  months after it failed to make a date change on New Year's day.

iPhone users in the US hit Twitter and blogs with complaints yesterday when their phones bungled the one-hour "spring forward" to daylight savings time that went into effect on the weekend. One fanboy twittered that he missed church and one even called her iPhone stupid which is unparalleled in the history of iPhones. It looks like some users' phones fell back one hour instead of springing forward, making the time displayed on the iPhone two hours off.

Jobs Mob is not saying anything about the fault. However it must be seriously considering re-writing the software. It is a basic university programming exercise to write code for a clock. Apple's code writers would clearly have failed.

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