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Android is the winner in the smartphone world

by on08 March 2011

Apple, Rim, Microsoft and Symbian can't cut the mustard
ComScore has released its latest figures for mobile OS market share, and it appears to show that Android is fast becoming the leading operating system in the world. The figures cover the three months up to January 2011 which is the biggest period of the year for any retailer, covering Black Friday and Christmas.

Android use increased by 7.7 per cent to take the top spot from RIM’s Blackberry OS. It was only a narrow victory, with Android edging out Blackberry by 0.8 per cent, but Android is likely to grow where as RIM is not doing so well.
Apple was stagnant with only 0.1 per cent growth, bringing its total share to 24.7 per cent, and Palm continued to bring up the rear with 3.2 per cent.

Microsoft's new operating system lost market share to the tune of 1.7 percent and fallen to a pathetic eight per cent.

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