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HyperX expands Fury and Impact line-up

by on01 September 2015

Automatic overclocking out of the box

HyperX has expanded its FURY and Impact DRAM lineup which offers automatic overclocking right out of the box.

The FURY DDR3L memory kits will run at 1.35V and be available in 1600MHz and 1866MHz flavours. There will be 8GB or 16GB dual-channel kits of two or single 4GB and 8GB modules. These modules are fully Plug-and-Play (PnP) enabled, allowing automatic overclocking out of the box.

The company is launching its new range of HyperX Impact DDR4. These offer PnP functionality and in frequencies ranging from 2133MHz to 2666MHz. The Impact DDR modules will be available as 8GB and 16GB dual-channel kits of 2, or single 4GB and 8GB modules.

Lawrence Yang, business manager, HyperX said the The plug-and-play aspect of both HyperX FURY DDR3L and HyperX Impact DDR4 SO-DIMMs make them great options to boost any system.

HyperX FURY DDR3L and HyperX Impact DDR4 are backed by a lifetime warranty, free live technical support.

HyperX FURY DDR3L Features and Specifications:
•PnP: Plug and Play automatically overclocks the memory up to the system maximum supported specs
•Capacities: 4GB singles, 8GB singles, 8GB kit of two, 16GB kit of two
•Frequency: 1600MHz, 1866MHz
•CAS Latency: 10, 11
•Voltage: 1.35V
•Heatspreader: Stylish and aggressive in black
•PCB: Black
•Reliable: 100% tested
•Guaranteed: Lifetime warranty
HyperX Impact DDR4 Features and Specifications:•Capacities: 4GB, 8GB (single) and 8GB, 16GB (kits)
•Frequency: 2133MHz-2666MHz
•Channel Architecture: Dual Channel
•Latency: CL13-CL15
•Voltage: 1.2V
•PCB: Black
•Reliable: 100% tested
•Operating Temperature: 0°C to 85°C
•Storage Temperature: -55°C to 100°C
•Dimensions: 30mm x 69.6mm
•Guaranteed: Lifetime warranty

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