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Samsung opens $7bn fab in China

by on12 May 2014

$10bn worth of 10nm NAND a year

South Korean tech giant Samsung has opened a new chip plant in China. The huge complex is located in Xi’an and it cost an estimated $7 billion to build.

The fab went online late last week. It produces 10nm NAND and since Samsung is one of the biggest consumers of flash memory it will probably be the biggest customer, too. The plant’s capacity is estimated at $10 billion worth of NAND per year.
Much of Samsung’s fab capacity is located in South Korea, but the company has opened a fab in the US and now it has a very big facility in China, too.

Although Samsung is one of the leading consumers of NAND memory, it also supplies other leading gadget makers, including many of its competitors. Samsung is also trying to make a name for itself in the SSD business and it seems to be gaining traction with its speedy Evo and Pro series drives.

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