Zuckerberg says “meh” to Apple’s Vision Pro
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Out-of-date, over-priced and nothing we have not already explored

Desperate to find a way to advertise Apple’s pointless VR specs, the Tame Apple Press has asked Mark Zuckerberg what he thinks of the technology and if he is ready to surrender his metaverse dreams to his superior Jobs’ Mob overlords.

Apple Vision Pro is an expensive step in the right direction
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Analyst view: Starting at $3499

Apple has finally acknowledged that it has been working for years on the eXtended Reality product. XR is a collaborative term that unifies an Augmented and Virtual reality device under one umbrella. Apple’s announcement shared sufficient details to create excitement around VR and give us some idea about the device, but it left some key elements out, including storage options and RAM.

Apple shows off its Vision Pro specs
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Tuesday, 06 June 2023 11:25

Apple shows off its Vision Pro specs

Late, out-of-date, impractical, and hideously over-priced

Fruity cargo-cult Apple has finally released a product for rich kids who were dropped on their heads by their nannies.