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Apple’s expensive Vision Pro is cracking up

by on26 February 2024

Jobs’ mob rubs paws at prospect of making money repairing it

Apple Vision Pro owners are posting identical reports of a crack appearing on the front glass of their overpriced headsets.

MacRumors first spotted the issue, and so far, five Redditors have posted about it in the r/VisionPro subreddit. Engadget reported that the same happened with its review unit.

What makes it dodgy is that all of the uploaded pictures show vertical hairline cracks in the same area above the nose bridge. This would mean that it is probably a structural flaw caused by poor design, or as the Tame Apple Press calls it “a feature.”

All the affected Redditors say they didn't do anything obvious to cause the cracks, like dropping the device or storing it badly. Reddit user @dornbirn claims that they polished the front glass, placed the soft cover on, packed it in the case, and woke up to see the crack the next morning. Most other affected Redditors also noted they either stored their Vision Pros in cases or placed the soft cover on.

There's speculation that this may be a heating issue when charging the Vision Pro in the case or with the cover on. Others argue it might be a glass manufacturing problem or a design flaw that puts too much pressure on that particular area.  Either way, it is not something you expect having wasted a ton of cash on a product which offers similar abilities to one a third of the price.

The Tame Apple press insists that the “hairline” crack is just a cosmetic issue, as it seems to appear over a sensor but doesn't block any cameras. Apple fanboys should rejoice that they are getting hairline cracks.

Apple itself benefits from cracking @ContributionFar8997 wrote that they had visited the Apple Store and were told they'd have to pay the deductible to fix the crack. With Apple Care — which costs €425 for the Vision Pro — there's a €254 deductible for damaging the cover glass. Without it, it'll cost €679.

So after forking out more than €3000, you are expected to pay another €679 a few weeks later. It is probably better for fanboys to join the legions returning them before the cracks appear.


Last modified on 26 February 2024
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