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Apple moves Vision Pro team to sort out foldable flop

by on20 February 2024

Failure meets vapourware in custard's last stand

Fruity cargo cult Apple is so proud of its Vision Pro team, which made an expensive product which is being returned, it has shifted them to sorting out its foldable phone flop mess.

Since the start of 2024, rumours about Jobs’ making a foldable smartphone have popped up quite often mostly because the Tame Apple Press cannot understand why their favourite company is so far behind its rivals in technology.

According to Alpha Economy, Apple has reportedly decided to release its first foldable iPhone in September 2026, possibly at the same time as the iPhone 18 series. Also, the source says that Apple has moved its Vision Pro team to work on the foldable phone, and the company hopes to flog about 50 million units of foldable phones worldwide.

If this rumour is true, a foldable iPhone will emerge after the 8th generation of Samsung Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip (expected to be its main rivals). The Galaxy Z series is usually launched at the end of summer. For example, we expect the release of the Galaxy Z Fold 6 around August this year, likely at the next Samsung Unpacked event.

The outlet says that Apple hopes to flog 50 million units, a big jump compared to the industry's recent trends. While the foldable smartphone market has grown, the shipments of all foldables from different brands are still much lower. For example, the market leader, Samsung, is said to have shipped around 10 million units of its latest Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Galaxy Z Flip 5 together.

After years of work, Apple recently launched its Vision Pro headset this year before many insiders thought it was ready. As a result, it saw fanboys return their heavy, over-priced white elephants. If Apple has shifted the Vision Pro team, it might mean that it is planning to pull the plug on the tech completely.  


Last modified on 20 February 2024
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