MediaTek Labs IoT kit talks to Amazon clouds
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Fast and flexible access to Amazon Web Services 

MediaTek Labs's LinkIt ONE and Grove IoT Starter Kit are now powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Mediatek labs kickstarts IoT Programme with Startupbootcamp
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Exclusive: Startupbootcamp in Barcelona

Internet of Things has been a buzz word for the last two years and MediaTek labs and Startupbootcamp Barcelona - IoT & Smart Data has come up with a way to help new designers successful. 

MediaTek Labs Partners with Startupbootcamp
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Helping IoT and Smart Data Startups

MediaTek labs and Startupbootcamp Internet of Things and Data will help others make a next-gen Internet of Things (IoT) products including demoing, prototyping, production, creating business models and investors for it.

LinkIt smart home enables inexpensive home automation
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Monitor and see everything in the cloud

During the last few quarters, we heard repeatedly how everything has to be connected and that the Internet of Things (IoT) might become a $36 billon market by 2020. Home automation has to be a big part of that cake.

MediaTek labs' autonomous robots track objects
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Inexpensive solution for Makers robots

Everything is about Robots these days and Intel, MediaTek and many platform manufacturers are trying to find a way into the market.

MediaTek Labs IoT webinar kicks off on the May 28th
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Free for developers, online

MediaTek Labs is planning to host a series of webinars in order to developers to the world of MediaTek Labs and LinkIt.

MediaTek Labs targets developed and emerging markets
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First products quietly trickling out

MediaTek Labs is stepping up efforts to enlist more software and hardware partners. 

MediaTek Android Wear devices coming soon
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Wednesday, 18 February 2015 09:32

MediaTek Android Wear devices coming soon

New MT2601 SoC inside

MediaTek recently showed off a number of smartwatch designs, including models designed for the tiny MT2502 Aster process, and some Android Wear prototypes. 

MediaTek Labs announces new IoT dev platform
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Thursday, 05 February 2015 09:51

MediaTek Labs announces new IoT dev platform

LinkIt Connect MT7681 sports low cost WiFi SoC

MediaTek had announced a new development platform, as part of its MediaTek Labs initiative.