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Robots will rule the world by 2060

by on12 July 2022

Claims the Current Bun

The UK’s number one science magazine “The Sun” claims that the world will be ruled by Robots by 2060.

We would not worry much, it is the Current Bun which is as famous for knowing technology as well as Boris Johnson knows the names of his children, and the result was based on a survey of 2000 British people who were given an opportunity by Software firm Qlik to spout their fears about robo-tech such as AI-enabled vehicles, domestic robots and smart devices. These will be the same British people who thought Brexit was a good idea and Boris Johnson was a good PM who always told the truth.

I mean the British public always know the latest things about science, robotics and gadgets and are world authorities on the state of technology.

According to the Current Bun, the Mesna ranked Brits who were interviewed predict robots will rule the world by the 2060s with humans forced to be their servants.

And it is feared that humans’ only role will be to entertain or work for the robots, which will have developed emotions and opinions.  These will be much more than Sun readers who have many emotions and opinions which are mostly out-of-date in polite society.

Sixty per cent called robots dangerous to humans, and 86 per cent said they must be “properly supervised.”


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