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Snapchat spectacles are out

by on12 November 2016

Cost $130 but you cannot buy it

Remember Google Glasses? Well, Snapchat thinks it is a good idea to bring a similar concept and the company just started selling its Snapchat spectacles for $130, with a catch. 

The catch is that you can only buy Snapchat spectacles from "Snapbots" that will travel around the USA selling the $130 device. Therefore, we are saying that most of you won’t be able to buy it.

The "Snapbots" are bright yellow ephemeral vending machines that will only stay in the area for 24 hours. The spectacles come in a few colors, they recharge in a case and they are meant to make memories from your perspective. If you press a button you can take a 10 second snap with the camera placed in the left eye corner. The right eye corner has  circular shaped LED lights to show your friends what  you are snapping. Both LEDs and Cameras are circled  so it is easy to notice that these are no ordinary pervert glasses, they are pervert glasses where you can tell that they have a camera.

You will need a phone, iPhone 5 and later running iOS 8 and above, or Android devices running Android 4.3 and above with BLE and Wi-Fi Direct.

The website doesn’t really tell you how much storage you have on the spectacles but it looks like that the whole point is to be able to record short videos up to 10 seconds. We are not sure if it will work for longer videos, but we are quite confident that it will work for taking pictures.

Venice Beach was the first place to sell them, and they sold out in four hours. Since Google Glasses caused an uproar in bars and public places, raising peoples' concern that Glassholes (people wearing Google Glasses, Ed.) will be filming them, we can only imagine that people are not going to react well to Snapchap spectacles either. Give it a few days to start hearing the outrage and uproar.

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