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Oculus CEO plays Rock band VR

by on08 December 2015

Luckey bloke

Oculus CEO Palmer Luckey showed off the VR version of Rock band.

Oculus by Facebook and HTC Valve are set to square off against each other next year in the new VR market and with the technology only as good as the content it plays, it appears that Occulus wants to hit the right note.

The CEO of Oculus has just showed a brief video of Rock Band VR game that is launching in 2016.

Unlike AMD or Nvidia, developers will have to chose which VR they will exclusively develop content. The fact that Palmer Luckey personally contributed to the promotional video for the VR version of the popular rock band confirms the importance of the killer application and good content.

The video doesn’t tell us much. We tried Oculus Creston Bay a few times and CV1 (Consumer Version 1) so we have a good idea how the game might look and play.

VR is supposed to merge your senses and get you into game. You should put the VR glasses and escape from reality. This won give you a chance to experience how it feels to be a rock star.

Guitar hero and Rock band did a good job before with their latest versions but the VR version is supposed to get you much more engaged with the game. Luckey is a great candidate to enjoy the game as he could not be further from the rock star. We should know, we have played a real instrument in a rock band in front of a few hundred people audience who did not throw anything too heavy or squishy.

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