Google works out way to reduce quantum errors
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The cat has to be part of the team

Google's quantum AI researchers have demonstrated that reducing errors in quantum calculations is possible by increasing the number of qubits.

Switch-Science releases portable quantum computers
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Using SpinQ Technology

Switch-Science has just announced a trio of quantum computing products claiming that they are the world's first portable quantum computers.

Quantum computing enters startup company phase
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Quantum cats no longer just for boffins

More cash is starting to flow into tquantum computing , turning academic research at MIT and Harvard labs into startups, according to the Boston Globe.

Boffins put Fibonacci sequence into a quantum computer
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Created a new type of matter, two time directions, and a surprised cat

Physicists shot a laser pulse sequence mimicking the Fibonacci sequence at a quantum computer and ended up creating a new phase of matter.

Quantum computing is neither dead or alive
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Monday, 05 September 2022 11:56

Quantum computing is neither dead or alive

Oxford quantum physicist dismisses it as a financial bubble waiting to burst

Oxford quantum physicist Nikita Gourianov has dismissed the quantum computing industry as a financial bubble waiting to burst when people realise that the tech is not ready yet.

Fujitsu will launch first quantum computer next year
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Will it run Crysis?

Fujitsu is carrying out some quantum Jujutsu and will release its first commercial 64-qubit quantum computer.

Software improvements keep quantum cats at bay
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Potentially dead or alive in the water for now

It seems that there is life in conventional computing yet as a better-written algorithm bested Google’s Sycamore quantum computer.

Aussie boffins come up with a quantum integrated circuit
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Never mind the quantum cats we need drop bears

Aussie boffins in Sydney have demonstrated a quantum integrated circuit made up of just a few atoms made from kangaroos which are potentially dead or fair dinkum.

Boffins use teleportation to build quantum network
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No word on Tom Riker 

Boffins at Delft University of Technology in the Netherlands have made the first steps towards a quantum internet by using quantum teleportation to send data across three physical locations.

IBM wants to make quantum supercomputers
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Wednesday, 11 May 2022 11:52

IBM wants to make quantum supercomputers

The plan is potentially alive and dead

IBM is ready to expand quantum technology into supercomputing – a gift for Bond villains everywhere.