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Nvidia releases new control panel called NVIDIA App

by on23 February 2024

New Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver with RTX HDR in tow

Nvidia has finally released the new NVIDIA App, a more modern control panel, which, unlike the Geforce Experience app, does not need you to create an Nvidia account. In addition, Nvidia has released the new Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver, which brings RTX HDR and support for the new NVIDIA App control panel.

The new NVIDIA App looks the part, and finally, Nvidia has a modern control panel that matches what AMD is doing with its Radeon Software application. Of course, Nvidia already had the Geforce Experience app, but as it needed an Nvidia account, many users decided to skip installing it. The new NVIDIA App is a one-stop control panel that allows users to monitor and tune their graphics cards, optimize and manage installed games and DLSS profiles, enable or disable any Nvidia RTX features, configure displays, set up in-game overlay, and pretty much anything you would want from a control panel application.

nvidia app 3

nvidia app 1

nvidia app 2

The NVIDIA App is still in its public beta phase, which means it is not a part of the new Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver update, but, as far as we had a chance to check it out, it is pretty solid and we are sure Nvidia will appreciate any feedback.

As said, Nvidia has also released the new Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver which is a Game Ready driver for Nightingale game, adds support for NVIDIA APP beta, adds a couple of GFE Optimal Settings, and fixes several gaming and general bugs.

You can check out the full release notes and download the new Geforce 551.61 WHQL driver over at Nvidia's support page. The new beta NVIDIA App can be found at the Nvidia dedicated NVIDIA App page.


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