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Nvidia wants to integrate AI into its drivers

by on09 January 2023

Could bring 30 per cent improvement 

The graphics card maker named after a Roman vengence daemon, Nvidia wants to install AI tech into its drivers to give them a performance boost.

According to a new report by CapFrameX, the first such drivers will allegedly be released in this quarter and it could bring up to 30 improvement with an average of about 10 per cent gains.

While this is just a rumour, it is not impossible.  AI has been at the forefront of Nvidia's cunning plans and the technology in general has been getting more mainstream gradually. But if it all pans out Nvidia could jump significantly ahead of Intel and AMD until they both release their own versions.

Nvidia recently showed off its WHQL-signed display driver release frequency showing how much better its release cycle was compared to Intel and AMD. The Green Team boasted not only more frequent WHQL drivers but also a higher number of games supported. It is all pretty meanless, but it could show that after Covid, PR and marketing wars are starting to heat up again.


Last modified on 09 January 2023
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