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All three Nvidia Geforce RTX 30 series cards pictured

by on09 September 2020

RTX 3090 is a big beast

All three upcoming Nvidia RTX 30 series cards have been pictured next to each other, showing just how huge the RTX 3090 actually is, as well as showing the RTX 3070 for the first time.

During the official announcement, Nvidia's CEO and founder, Jensen Huang, announced the RTX 3090 as the BFGPU, and according to the newest picture, which shows all three cards next to each other, this is really a massive graphics card, measuring at 313x138mm, and taking up three slots.

The newest picture, which showed up on Twitter and spotted by, is also the first time we get to see the RTX 3070 in the flesh, and it takes up two slots, measuring at 242x112mm. It also has a different cooler with two front fans.

The RTX 3080 measures at 285x110mm and takes up two slots. While it was announced as the new flagship, the RTX 3080 looks tiny compared to the RTX 3090. Bear in mind that the RTX 3080 will launch first, on September 17th, followed by RTX 3090, on September 24th, and the RTX 3070, which comes later in October.

The performance of the Ampere-based RTX 30 series cards should be impressive but so far, we only have official figures from Nvidia and a couple of leaked benchmarks.

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