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Powercolor RX Vega Red Dragon gets pictured

by on21 March 2018

Finally enough GPUs for "cheaper" custom cards

It appears that Powercolor finally managed to get its hands on some of AMD Vega GPUs as its custom RX Vega Red Dragon version has resurfaced and got pictured in all its glory.

While most AMD Radeon graphics cards are quite rarely in stock these days due to cryptocurrency craze, there weren't much custom Radeon RX Vega series graphics cards to start with. Mostly you could find high-end RX Vega custom versions like the Asus ROG Strix, Sapphire's Nitro+ or Powercolor's own Red Devil version, all at a hefty premium.

Apparently, things are slightly changing for the better as Powercolor's own RX Vega Red Dragon version has been pictured and published in all its glory over at While there is no further information, we can see that it has a short custom PCB and a dual-slot, triple-fan cooler.

Powercolor RXVegaRedDragonVC 1

A quick look at the European graphics card market shows that there are at least some of those available, albeit still way above their actual suggested retail price. For example, Sapphire's RX Vega 56 Pulse is in stock at plenty of well-known retailers/e-tailers, but goes for €715, way above the price it was selling when it launched, and we don't even want to talk about the US $399/$499 suggested retail launch price.

Same goes for the RX Vega 64, there are a few to buy, but still at unreasonable prices, way above €649, we saw it on the day-one, or its US $499/$599 suggested launch price.

Hopefully, the upcoming Powercolor RX Vega Red Dragon custom graphics cards is a good sign and we could see both more volume and, more importantly, lower price for these graphics cards.


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