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Powercolor officially unveils the Red Dragon Vega 56

by on23 March 2018

Should be available on March 28th

Powercolor has now officially announced the upcoming Red Dragon Radeon Vega 56, revealing a bit more key information as well as the availability date.

Although we have already seen it leaked earlier, we now have more detailed information. First of all, we will get on with the boring details which include the same Vega GPU with 3584 Stream Processors and a 1478MHz GPU Boost clock - which is only a few MHz higher - so we suspect that the GPU base clock is somewhere around 1140MHz. It still comes with 8GB of HMB2 800MHz-clocked memory on a 2048-bit memory interface.

According to details provided by Powercolor, the new Red Dragon Vega 56 will need 8-pin and 6-pin PCIe power connectors, which is different from two 8-pin connectors we saw on all Radeon RX Vega 56 graphics cards. We are not sure if this is a simple mistake in the specification list or Powercolor somehow managed to push the power consumption low enough to make do with 8+6-pin power connectors. 

This might have something to do with the custom design as Powercolor shared a few more details but hopefully, we will see more soon. The Powercolor Red Dragon Vega 56 also uses a custom shorter PCB and has a triple-fan dual-slot cooler.

According to what Powercolor is saying, the shorter PCB is possible due to cooling efficiency. Powercolor was honest enough to admit that they are probably saving a couple of bucks with the shorter PCB, which could also lead to a less expensive Vega 56 graphics card, but it is all about getting lower cooling wattage dissipation. Apparently,  Powercolor says this is the quietest Vega graphics card in its offerings, and we are looking forward to seeing some reviews that will confirm these claims.

Powercolor did not reveal whether there will be a Red Dragon version of the Vega 64 but did note that the Red Dragon Vega 56 should be listed at major retailers/e-tailers on March 28th.

The company was keen to note that it does not want to talk about the price since retailers/e-tailers do not stick to recommended prices anyway, so hopefully, cryptominers and stores won't pump the price too high as due to lower power consumption and cooling efficiency, this one might be quite good for mining.

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