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EVGA offically announces new Pro SLI HB bridges

by on23 June 2016

Coming in four versions with LED lit EVGA logo

EVGA has now officially launched its new and redesigned High Bandwidth (HB) SLI bridges that should double the SLI performance on the new Pascal-based GTX 10 series graphics cards.

The EVGA Pro SLI Bridge HB, as the company decided to name it, comes in four different versions, depending on the graphics card spacing configuration on the motherboard. It will be available in 0-slot, 1-slot, 2-slot and 4-slot spacing versions and is optimized for Nvidia Surround, 4K+ and 120Hz+ gaming. As detailed earlier when the Geforce GTX 1080 and GTX 1070 were launched, the new SLI HB bridges are only compatible with these graphics cards.

As these are High Bandwidth SLI bridges, they should double the available transfer bandwidth compared to previous generation graphics cards and standard, "flexible" SLI bridges. Unfortunately, some of the first review results show that despite the promised "double the bandwidth", the scaling is pretty much the same as with standard flexible SLI bridges. This might be a driver issue so hopefully Nvidia will eventually further optimize HB SLI for more performance. 

EVGA Pro SLI Bridge HB are a bit different compared to Nvidia's reference ones as EVGA has included a LED-lit EVGA logo that can be configured to display red, green, blue or white color, in order to match the rest of the components. 

Not all of these new EVGA Pro SLI HB bridges are currently available but all are priced at US $39.99. Currently, you can only buy the 2-slot and 4-slot spacing version.

EVGA SLIProHBbridge 3

EVGA SLIProHBbridge 2


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