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Nvidia shows off Hairworks 1.1

by on10 July 2015

Vienna.. hair today is always gone tomorrow

Nvidia has been showing off its latest technology which enables an accurate depiction of hair.

The video is of Nvidia HairWorks 1.1 which is simulation and rendering tool for creating lifelike hair and fur in video games. Since we don't have hair or fur [speak for yourself.ed] this means nothing to us.

In the clip below there is a manikin with a footballer haircut with about 500,000 hairs that bounce and sway as the camera circles.

Normally this would be as boring as hell, much like watching any football video, but as an example of what Nvidia can do with hair physics, we have to admit it is pretty good – if you like blokes with long hair.

Previous demos of HairWorks have showed only 20,000 strands of hair, making the jump to half a million much bigger. The video was recorded with ShadowPlay on an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980.

Nvidia HairWorks was involved in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and managed to make the bears and wolves look pretty real.

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